Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943

Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943
Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943

Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943

Batman is easily the most reliably popular superhero, constantly in print since 1939 and star of all media going back to movie serials in the 40s, an immensely popular zeitgeisty TV series in the 1960s, then a record-breaking film series in the 1980s, then another record-breaking and Oscar-winning film series in the 2000s, with innumerable animated films and TV shows in between. Most recently he starred in two big hits for the DC Entertainment Universe, and will be rebooted again soon to a multiplex near you. He is a household name around the world. Here is a truly rare chance to get his earliest and rarest appearances in one lot for a bargain price. This lot includes ALL THE ORIGINAL BATMAN STORIES FROM HIS FIRST FOUR YEARS OF PUBLICATION, from his debut in Detective Comics #27 (May, 1939) all way through Detective #73 (March, 1943).

It also includes Batman #1 and all other stories in Batman comics through Batman #14. Along with the Batman story in World Fair 1940 and the Batman stories in Worlds Best Comics and Worlds Finest comics through the first issue to #8.

113 stories in all from 70 comic books published 1939 through 1941. They were all bound together in the early 1940s by an original Batman superfan named Edward Forest, who bought all the books new and cut away the non-Batman parts, then assembled the stories with the utmost care and creativity, to make them resemble a 1940s style compilation of stories (like contemporary volumes with all the Sherlock Holmes stories). He separated each story with an insert page of white paper on which hed handwritten title of the upcoming story. And he augmented the title pages with pasted on cut-outs from covers and interior pages (apparently taken from some extra copies he had of these same books). He cut away the ad pages and the backup stories. And when the ads were on the back of a story page, hed paste it onto one of the insert pages. The glue he used is old and weak enough, that its separated in some places (and the pages still glued could easily be unglued, if so desired). It would take more words than you want to read here to list all of the key issues, formative moments and character introductions contained in these volumes. Batman (Bruce Wayne), Commissioner Gordon.

Robin, the Joker, Catwoman, the Scarecrow, Two-Face, Huge Strange, Dr. Death, Penguin, Clayface, and many more make their first appearances here, and some make multiple appearances. But, the truth is, very few of the issues are available at guide prices. I do not have a 2019 guide but I understand the prices, while increased, are still below what it would cost you actually to obtain copies of the most key issues in each listed grade.

Some of these issues sell so rarely that it was hard to find examples in the last year and I had to use older sales. But based on actual sales of Detective 27-40 and Batman 1, I calculated over an additional 342,000 for those books, alone, which means a more likely total for all these books, in 2.0 would be just over 706,000. I did not search recent sales on the later books, because while some of them, such as Detective 58 1. Penguin, certain Joker stories, etc, sell for multiples, the later issues, overall, hew closer to guide.

All the pages are trimmed on at least 3 sides, if not all four, cutting away the margins but not the art or text. The pages are generally cream-colored, which means light brown, and supple. The Batman Comics are, of course, the most complete, because every story had Batman, so he only threw out the pages which had ads on both sides. I have the missing ad pages from Batman #1, from another copy; theyre also trimmed on all sides and more fragile, but with them you will have all the interior pages of Batman #1.

I also have, from another trimmed and incomplete copy, nearly of all the non-Batman pages from Detective #27, missing only four. (The most important pages, comprising the first 3 wraps and centerfold, are included). When incomplete books appear, those are the most likely pages to be missing Those pages are also trimmed on all sides, and about the same page quality, cream/light brown and mostly supple.

(a picture is included in the photos). So that gives you complete, or nearly complete, interiors to the two most expensive books, which are more valuable than all the other 68 books.

A centerfold by itself was offered recently at 19K and individual pages of non-Batman stories have been offered recently at 2.5K apiece. I've seen incomplete copies sell for 50-75% of FMV in good, and nice coverless copies go for a third to half of good FMV (as opposed to "good'guide'"). Which are complete or nearly complete interiors and arguably worth as much as all the others together.

If you're wondering how much more they would all be in great shape, complete high-grade copies of all these books would cost millions, and that has increased the desirability, and the price, of any portions of these books even the prices for pages without Batman! So, I have no doubt that, whether these are kept as is, or taken apart, theyre worth more than theyre priced at. Circumstantially, it's worth it for me to sell for that price at this time, but I cannot guarantee they will be priced near that if they remain available in the future. There are pictures attached of some of the pages. And, here is a rundown of the stories. 4 years of Batman comic stories from May, 1939 to March, 1943. There are blank leafs before each story which contain hand-written story titles and many cut-out images of Batman and Robin from the interiors of Batman comics (the images are not cut from the stories in this volume but were apparently taken from additional copies of some of these same books). Note: Actual publication of each issue is approx. 3 months prior to cover date. VOLUME 1 inscribed Edward James Frost, March 20, 1942. First Inside leafs contain cut-out image of Batman from Cover of Batman Comics #3. The Legend of the Batman 1.

Two pages (one leaf) from Batman #1 1940 origin story. Detective #27 Case of the chemical syndicate May, 1939, 1. Detective #28 Case of French Blake (description not title) (June, 1939) 1.

Page is detached and married from another trimmed original. Detective #29 The Batman Meets Dr.

Death Reappears (description not title) Aug. Detective #31 Case of the Vampires (description not title) Julie Madison, 1.

Detective #32 Batman versus the Monk (description not title) (Batman uses gun) Oct. Detective #34 Case of the Man Without a Face (description not title) Nov. 1939 Note that 34 and 33 are out of order, which was apparently intentional, as Frost studied the story continuity and concluded the story in 34 actually took place prior to 33.

Detective #33 Case of the Dirigible of Doom missing 1. Leaf (two pages) which contain the Batman origin story that was reprinted in Batman 1 Dec.

1939 Frost apparently considered it unnecessary because he took the Batman origin story leaf (2 pages) from Batman 1 and put at the beginning of the first volume. Detective #35 Case of the Ruby Kila (description not title) Jan. Detective #36 Professor Hugo Strange (description not title) 1.

Detective #37 Averting an International Crisis (description not title) Mar. Leaf before Detective 38 contains cut-out of Batman & Robin from Batman #9. Detective #38 Robin, the Boy Wonder 1. Detective #39 Horde of the Green Dragon (May, 1940).

Detective #40 - Clayface 1. Batman #1 - The Joker 1.

Batman #1 - The Monsters (Hugo Strange) (Spring, 1940) This story was actually created for Detective 38, but was replaced when it was decided to introduce Robin in that story as early as possible. Fans didnt know that in the 1940s, so Frost kept it in order of publication, since the story gives no clue, aside from the absence of Robin, to suggest a place in continuity. Batman #1 - The Cat 1.

Detective #41 - Case of the Masked Menace (July 1940). Detective #42 - Case of the Prophetic Pictures Aug. Detective #43 - Case of the City of Terror Sept.

Worlds Fair Comics 1940 -- Batman and Robin visit the 1940 Worlds Fair (Summer, 1940). Batman #2 - The Pharaohs Dream (Joker and The Cat Woman) (Summer, 1940). Batman #2 - A Modern Dr.

Batman #2 - Case of the Clubfoot Murders (Summer, 1940). Batman #2 - Case of the Missing Link (Summer, 1940). Detective #44 - The Land Behind the Light (Dream story) Oct. Detective #45 - The Case of the Laughing Death (Joker) Nov. Detective #46 - Case of the Tear Gas (description not title) Death of Hugo Strange: 1.

Detective #47 - Case of the Stubborn Millionaire (description not title) Jan. Batman #3 - The Strange Case of the Diabolical Puppet Master (Fall, 1940). Batman #3 - The Ugliest Man in the World (Fall, 1940). Batman #3 - The Crime School for Boys (Fall, 1940).

Batman #3 - Batman versus the Cat Woman (in costume) (Fall, 1940). Detective #48 - The Secret Cavern Feb.

Detective #49 - Clayface Walks Again Mar. Worlds Best #1 - The Witch and the Manuscript of Doom Spr. Detective #50 - The Case of the Three Devils Apr. Batman #4 - The Case of the Jokers Crime Circus (Winter, 1940-41). Last inside leaf contains cut-out figures of Batman & Robin from cover of Batman #4. VOLUME 2 inscribed Edward James Frost April 3, 1942. Batman #4 - Blackbeards Crew (Winter, 1940-41). Batman #4 - Public Enemy #1 (description not title) (Winter, 1940-41). Batman #4 - Clean Sports (description not title) (Winter, 1940-41). Detective #51 - Case of the Mystery Carnival (May 1941).

Detective #52 - The Secret of the Jade Box (June, 1941). Batman #5 - The Riddle of the Missing Card (Batmobile with Bat-head grill) (Spring, 1941). Batman #5 - The Book of Enchantment (SF Fantasy story) (Spring, 1941). Batman #5 - The Case of the Honest Crook (Spring, 1941).

Batman #5 - Brother Crooks (description not title) (Spring, 1941). Worlds Finest #2 - The Man Who Couldnt Remember (Summer, 1941). Detective #53 - The City Has a Heart (description, not title) (July 1941). Batman #6 - Murder on Parole Aug/Sept.

Batman #6 - Death by the Clock (Maker) Aug/Sept. Batman #6 - The Secret of the Iron Jungle Aug/Sept. Batman #6 - Suicide Beat Aug/Sept. Detective #54 - Hook Morgan and His Horror Pirates (July, 1941). Batman #9 - The White Whale Feb/Mar.

Batman #9 - The Case of the Lucky Law Breakers (Joker) Feb/Mar. Batman #9 - The Christmas Gift Feb/Mar. Detective #60 - The Case of the Costume-Clad Killers (Joker) Feb. Detective #55 - The Brain Burgler Sept. Batman #7 - When is a Duke Not a Duke (description not title) (Joker) (Oct/Nov 1941).

Batman #7 - The Trouble Trap (Oct/Nov 1941). Batman #7 - The North Woods Mystery (Oct/Nov 1941). Batman #7 - The People Versus the Batman (Oct/Nov 1941). Worlds Finest #3 - The Scarecrow 1. Detective #56 - The Stone Idol Oct.

Detective #57 - Twenty-Four Hours to Live Nov. Batman #8 - Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make (Dec/Jan 1941-42). Batman #8 - The Strange Case of Professor Radium (Dec/Jan 1941-42). Batman #8 - The Superstition Murders (Dec/Jan 1941-42). Batman #8 - The Cross-Country Crimes (Joker) (Dec/Jan 1941-42).

Detective #58 - The Penguin 1. Worlds Finest #4 - The Ghost Gang Goes West (Winter, 1941-42). Detective #59 - The King of the Jungle (Penguin) Jan. Batman #9 - The Four Fates Feb/Mar.

VOLUME 3 inscribed Edward James Frost February 12, 1943. First leaf contains cut-out image of Batman from cover of Detective #63.

Detective #61 - The Three Racketeers Mar. Detective #62 - Laugh, Town, Laugh (Joker) Apr. Detective #63 - A Gentleman in Gotham 1.

Detective #64 - The Joker Walks the Last Mile (June, 1942). Detective #65 - The Cop Who Hated the Batman (July, 1942).

Detective #66 - The Crimes of Two-Face 1. Detective #68 - The Man Who Led a Double-Life (Two-Face) Oct.

Detective #67 - Crimes Early Bird (Penguin) Sept. Detective #69 - The Harlequins Hoax (Joker) Nov. Detective #70 - The Man Who Could Read Minds Dec. Batman #10 - The Aisle That Time Forgot (Apr/May, 1942). Batman #10 - Report Card Blues (Apr/May, 1942).

Batman #10 - The Princess of Plunder (Cat Woman) (Apr/May, 1942). Batman #10 - The Sheriff of Ghost Town (Apr/May, 1942). Batman #11 - Joker Free Again (description not title) (June/July, 1942).

Batman #11 - Bandits in Toyland (June/July, 1942). Batman #11 - Four Birds of a Feather (Penguin) (June/July, 1942). Batman #12 - Brothers in Crime (Aug/Sept, 1942).

Batman #12 - The Wizard of Words (Joker) (Aug/Sept, 1942). Batman #12 - They Thrill to Conquer (Aug/Sept, 1942). Batman #12 - Around the Clock with the Batman (Aug/Sept, 1942). Batman #13 - The Batman Plays a Lone Hand (Oct/Nov, 1942). Batman #13 - The Comedy of Tears (Joker) (Oct/Nov, 1942). Batman #13 - The Story of the Seventeen Stones (Oct/Nov, 1942). Batman #13 - Destination Unknown (Oct/Nov, 1942). Batman #14 - The Case Batman Failed to Solve (Dec/Jan 1942-43). Batman #14 - Prescription for Happiness (Dec/Jan 1942-43). Batman #14 - Swastika Over the White House (WWII Nazi spy story). Batman #14 - Bargains in Banditry (Penguin) (Dec/Jan 1942-43). Worlds Finest #5 - Crime Takes a Holiday (Spring, 1942).

Worlds Finest #7 - The Secret of Bruce Wayne (Fall, 1942). Worlds Finest #6 - The North Pole Crimes (Summer, 1942). Worlds Finest #8 - Brothers in Law (Winter, 1942-43).

Detective #71 - A Crime a Day (Joker) Jan. Detective #72 - License for Larceny Feb. In addition to the cut-outs pasted into the volumes, as noted above, there are, in several places, bunches of loose cut-outs of Batman and Robin from other books, which have not been identified.

That's 13 stories from. 47 stories from Detective Comics, 14 from Batman Comics, 1 from Worlds Fair and 8 from Worlds Best/Finest Comics. Not listed but included, separate from the volumes are the back up stories, and ads, from Batman 1, plus most of the back-up stories and ads from Detective #27 -- which includes other stories not listed since they involve "backup" characters (Speed Saunders, Crimson Avenger, etc). References provided as needed to serious parties.

Items are guaranteed as authentic and as described. Items can be picked up locally in the Los Angeles area. The item "Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943" is in sale since Friday, November 29, 2019. This item is in the category "Collectibles\Comics\Golden Age (1938-55)\Superhero". The seller is "comix4college" and is located in West Hills, California.

This item can be shipped to United States.

Batman 1st app in Detective Comics #27 & Batman #1 + all stories from 1939-1943

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